How to use AdGrader

The ultimate goal of AdGrader is to give you an indication, or guidance, as to how inclusive and readable your job advert is.

Find out how to increase your inclusivity and readability scores later on in this section.

How it works

Once you’ve gone through the AdBuilder steps to generate your final advert versions, you’ll land on the final editor as usual.

AdGrader will scan your generated advert text constantly for exclusionary words or phrases and if it finds any, it’ll flag them in a colour specific to which type of exclusionary term it’s found.

You’ll also see a side panel in the final editor that looks like this:

Gender tone:
Feminine words:
Masculine words:
Exclusionary terms:
Blocking inexperience:
Too many essentials:
Too much education:

This panel is your debiasing hub.

It’ll tell you everywhere that you have potentially exclusive language and which words or phrases those are and in which category of bias, how skewed your gender bias is and everything you need to know about your readability.

You can quickly see which words or phrases are flagged by clicking on the drop down arrow that’ll appear besides the category.

Clicking on any of these phrases will take you straight to where they are in the editor.

Please Note: You’ll only see the drop down arrow if the number is higher than 0, otherwise there is no exclusionary terms within that category.

Removing flagged language

There are a couple of ways to remove flagged language from your text.

First, you can simply remove the text as you would normally (delete the exclusionary phrase) and then write in a replacement phrase.

The issue that may come with this is that you might stumble across a few more exclusionary phrases.

Our secondary option, and the one we recommend, will help with that issue.

By clicking on a flagged term, you will be presented with a pop up that will suggest neutral synonyms you could use in place of what’s currently there.

‘Analytical’ is a masculine gender coded word. Too many of these in your job advert may put some people off applying. Here are some neutral alternatives:

Then, by clicking on one of the synonyms, AdGrader will replace the current flagged text with your new choice and your inclusion score will be recalculated.

There may be instances where the neutral synonym doesn’t quite fit your text, so you may need to do a little bit of editing.

You’ll usually find that the neutral synonym fits in perfectly, however.