Understanding and improving your inclusivity score

Your ‘Inclusivity Score’ is an indicator to how much unconscious bias your job advert contains.


By using exclusive language, you’re likely putting people off applying without even realising it.

How it works

AdGrader evaluates your job advert text and will highlight any potentially exclusive language that you’ve used within your advert.

It will also suggest unbiased synonyms that you could use in place of the flagged term.

The “exclusive language” falls into six categories:

  • Feminine-coded words
  • Masculine-coded words
  • Exclusionary terms
  • Blocking inexperience
  • Too many essentials
  • Too much education

Feminine and masculine coded words

Feminine words:
Masculine words:

These are words that research have flagged as feminine (words or phrases that appeal to females) or masculine (words or phrases that appeal to males).

They often have a negative affect on the opposite gender, though some research claims that text that is heavier on the feminine-coded language will appeal to males.

Exclusionary terms

Exclusionary terms:

Exclusionary terms cover a number of areas, such as language that could be or is:

  • discriminative to disabilities
  • racist
  • discriminative to age
  • homophobic

Amongst many other things.

Blocking inexperience

Blocking inexperience:

Not all roles need years and years of experience.

These terms will make you aware of how much emphasis you’re putting on the need for experience.

It may be that you do require a high level of experience, in which case you can ignore this statistic.

However, in the instance that you’re looking for recent graduates or something alike, you may not always need the experience you’re asking for.

Too many essentials

Too many essentials:

There will or may be things that are totally essential/required skills or experience for the role you’re hiring, however there shouldn’t be too many.

Up to 60% of women and 55% of men won’t apply to a role unless they meet all of the listed criteria.

Too much education

Too much education:

Having educational achievements aren’t necessarily indicative of performance in the role.

You should only ask for educational requirements where it is entirely necessary or specifically related to the job’s regular requirements.

Improving your score

Improving your score works pretty simply.

The less exclusive language you use, the higher your score will be.

We suggest aiming for 85% Inclusivity Score as a minimum as this will allow for necessary experience but without overpowering your advert.

When it comes to gender score, the aim is to have either no gender-coded words or reach “neutral” level.

Neutral can be achieved by having a 1:1 ratio of masculine to feminine-coded words.