Cancelling your subscription

Hopefully you’ll never get to this point…

But we’re realists at AdBuilder and know at some point, some of you might not think that it’s the right solution for you.

If you’re at that point, cancelling is straightforward.

Head to ‘Settings’, then the ‘Billing’ tab, and then select ‘Cancel Subscription’ on the left hand side.

We’ll ask you a couple of questions about why you want to cancel (every bit of feedback is super useful) and then you’re done.

However before you get to that point, give a thought to pausing your account (just £10 per month), or there’s the option of downgrading your plan.

Our Single plan is just £20 per month.

Either of which means you won’t lose out on all your work (your adverts, your companies, your user and team data), which you will if you cancel your subscription and delete your account.