How annual billing works

If you opt for an annual plan then you’ll pay an annual amount for in return for a 20% discount.

Every 12 months, on the same date, your plan will automatically renew unless you tell us you either want to change plans or cancel your subscription.

If you need more users you can upgrade your annual plan at any point.

To do so, just head to the Settings page, and then the billing tab, and click on the upgrade link.

Then select which plan you want to upgrade to.

The amount that will be charged to your card will be calculated as the difference between your current plan and your new plan.


So for example, let’s say you’re currently on an annual Team plan which cost £768 for the year (from January 1st to December 31st).

If on May 15th you decide you want to upgrade to the annual Enterprise plan (£1,344 per year), the amount charged to your card will be calculated as follows:

The balance for May: (16 days / 31) x (£1,344 / 12 months) = £57.81

The additional monthly payment: (£1,344 / 12) – (£768 / 12) x 7 months = £336

Total charge to your card would be: £393.81

Restrictions with annual plans

Because of the nature of how annual plans work, you’re unable to downgrade one mid-billing cycle, nor can you switch to a monthly plan until your annual plan has expired.

30 days out from the end of your billing cycle you’ll receive a renewal email from us alerting you that your annual plan is coming to an end, and that it will auto-renew unless you tell us otherwise.

At that point you can change the plan you’re on, and you can switch billing periods.

If at any point you’ve got any questions, contact