How the payment cycle works

You’ll be billed on the credit or debit card details you provide on the same calendar every month.

So if you start your AdBuilder subscription on the 14th of the month, then your card will be debited on the 14th of all subsequent months.

A receipt will be emailed to you and you’ll be able to download any invoices from the ‘Settings’ page and the ‘Billing’ tab.

Alternatively, if you opt for an annual plan you’ll have your card debited on the same day every year.

So, for instance, if you signed up for an annual subscription on the 14th January 2019, your card will be debited again on 14th January 2020.

If at any point you want to upgrade or downgrade your account, that change will instantly take effect.

Please note: you aren’t able to downgrade an annual subscription until renewal – for more information, click here.)

If you’re upgrading, a new balancing amount will be automatically applied to take you to the end of the current billing month you’re in, before the new rate is applied moving forward.

And if you’re downgrading your AdBuilder account will be credited by any balancing payment up to the end of the current billing month you’re in.