AdBuilder is built on a licence basis.

Each licence your business owns entitles you to one month’s use for the relevant number of users.

There are three types of licences on offer:

  • Single – for one user only
  • Team – for up to 5 users
  • Enterprise – for up 20 users

There’s also a custom licence plan should your business need more users.

It’s important to keep an eye on how many licenses you have within your plan to allocate to different users.

When you navigate to your ‘Settings’ on AdBuilder, you’ll be met with a page that tells you what plan you’re on, how many licences you’ve got available and how many you’ve got left to allocate.

Allocate any spare licences to new members of staff that need access.

Or, if you have none spare and you don’t want to upgrade for more licences, remove licences from people that no longer need it.

These will be added back to your ‘Remaining Licences To Allocate’ bank.

Remaining Licences To Allocate: 0

And if you do decide you need more licences, just click on the ‘Upgrade your plan’ link at the top right of the section.