Pausing your subscription

Pausing your subscription is a great option if your recruitment activity is drying up for a period of time, but you don’t want to lose the adverts you’ve created.

That’s because if you cancel your account and re-join later down the track, all that work you’ve put into your initial adverts will be lost.

Like forever.

Instead, you can pause your account for just £10 per month, regardless of what plan you’re on.

That way your account remains live, ready for when you’re ready to get going again.

Your adverts, companies, users and team structures won’t be deleted.

Please Note: You won’t be able to access your adverts whilst your account is paused, but all you’ll need to do is reactivate your membership and it’s back up and running again.

To pause your account just head to the ‘Settings’ page, then click on the ‘Billing’ tab and click on the ‘Pause Subscription’ option on the left hand side.