Cloning an old advert

If you want to clone and tweak an old advert to save yourself some time, you can do that too.

Find the advert you want to clone using the search tools in the dashboard.

Then, on the right hand side of the job you want to duplicate, click on the down chevron next to the ‘Open’ button, and an option to duplicate the advert will appear.

After clicking ‘Duplicate’ from the drop down menu, a pop up will appear.

You need to confirm you want to duplicate the advert by clicking the green button on the pop up that looks like this:

I’m sure, duplicate this advert

The clone of the advert will open directly from confirming that you’d like to duplicate, so all you need to do is edit anything you’d like to change.

After you’ve done that, the advert will then appear in your dashboard.

Please Note: Make sure you save any changes you make to the advert itself by clicking either “Save and go to advert” or “Next step”.