The Final Advert

Once you’re happy with all of the answers to your questions, you’ll then be presented with four variations of your advert.

Each variation is a fully optimised job advert using one of our proven templates, and they perform equally well.

Some variations are more suited to different industries, so it’s up to you to decide which tone you think your audience would react best to.

Go through each one to see which one you like the best.

You can edit and tweak the output in the grey window to remove any typos.

(The other option would be to go back to the questions & edit them directly)

When you’re happy, click on ‘Save Amendments’.

Save Amendments

Then when you’re ready to use the text in your advert, click on ‘Copy to Clipboard’

Copy to Clipboard

and paste wherever you fancy!

Please Note: AdBuilder has been built to enable you to copy and paste your advert wherever you’d like and still hold its formatting. If you have any issues surrounding this, please contact support as we’re always looking for areas to improve.