Filtering your dashboard

To make life even easier you can filter the dashboard on a few criteria:

  • By tag
  • By company name (for recruitment agency users)
  • And by builder (on the team tab)

To enable a filter, just click on the relevant part of the dashboard.

As you move your mouse over a tag, company name or builder, you’ll see a black tooltip appear asking if you want to filter by that element.

Click it and the whole dashboard will be filtered.

You can also layer up filters, so you can search on tags for adverts created by a certain user.

So if, for example, George in your team writes really good finance adverts that get brilliant results and are tagged with ‘Finance’, head to the Team Adverts tab, click on George’s name in the Builder column and then click on the ‘Finance’ tag.

Clearing Filters

To clear the filters, you have a couple of options.

You can either click on the little cross on the relevant filters under each header, or you can click on the blue cross in the top right corner above the headers.

The latter will remove all filters, whereas cancelling individual filters will remove them one by one.

Saving Filters

If you’ve got a filter you want to check out regularly, we’ve got just the thing to help you.

You can save your filters by deciding how you want to filter, as shown above.

Then, click on the save icon in the top right corner (the little floppy disc icon).

After you’ve done that, you should see this pop up…

Choose a name (that will make sense when you come back to use it again) for your filtered view.

Once you’ve done that, click on the green “Save Filter” button on the pop up, and Bob’s your uncle!

Accessing Saved Filters

Once you’ve saved a filter, you’ll probably want to go back to it at some point.

You can do that by clicking on the grey (or blue if you’re in filter mode already) funnel icon in the top left of the dashboard.

When you click on the icon, a pop up will appear with a list of your saved filters.

(Remember, you have to save a filter before a list will appear).

Click on the name of the filter from the list and your dashboard will automatically go into the filtered view that you previously saved.

You’ll have to come out of filtered view to access your normal dashboard view again.

Deleting Filters

To delete a filter, go to your saved filters list.

Then, when the list appears, click on the trash icon (it will turn red when you’re highlighting the relevant filter to delete).

Once you click that icon, the filter will disappear.

WARNING: Clicking the trash icon will instantly delete a filter, so if you delete one accidentally you’ll need to recreate the filtered view and save it to get access to it again.