Within your dashboard you’ll be able to access different areas, or ‘Tabs’, for different reasons.

You’ll find how to access each of these tabs below:

My Adverts

Every single advert that you create or edit will appear here.

This is a master list of just your adverts, so you can keep everyone else’s clutter out of the way.

Incomplete Adverts

Sometimes you might find you’re unable to complete an advert in one go (for whatever reason it might be).

This means that it’ll appear on your dashboard as an ‘incomplete advert’.

Any adverts like this won’t have been completed the whole way through and won’t yet have generated any outputs.

You can view all of your incomplete adverts by clicking on the ‘Incomplete Adverts’ tab that will appear on your dashboard in between ‘My Adverts’ and ‘Team Adverts’.

This tab will tell you how many adverts are incomplete with a number between two brackets to the right of it.

Please Note: This tab will only appear if you have unfinished adverts. Once you finish all of the adverts, or you delete them and the tab becomes empty, the tab will disappear again until you have another incomplete advert.

Team Adverts

As a user you’ll be assigned to a ‘Team’.

This means that in the tab ‘Team Adverts’ you’ll be able to view every advert that anyone in your team has created.

This tab works exactly the same as the ‘My Adverts’ tab, and you can edit adverts in the same way.

Don’t worry though, if you do edit an advert that someone else has created it WON’T edit their advert.

Instead, when you click ‘Next Step’, ‘Save and go to advert’ or ‘Save Amendments’ the advert will automatically become a duplicate advert which saves with your changes.

You’ll be able to access this advert in ‘My Adverts’ or ‘Team Adverts’.

But what if you want to see an advert that someone else has created that isn’t on the same team?

No stress, you can share adverts amongst other users within your account.

Just ask the user you’d like the advert from to share their advert with you, and it’ll create a duplicate that will appear in your ‘Shared Adverts’ tab.

Please Note: This tab will only appear if someone has shared an advert with you. The tab will remain there unless you delete all of the adverts from within it and it becomes empty again.

Click here to read more about sharing adverts.

Favourite Adverts

The ‘Favourite Adverts’ tab stores all of the adverts that you manually ‘star’ as your favourites.

It’s quite useful if it’s an advert you think you’re regularly going to go back to, or if you found that a certain version performed really well.

With the ‘favourite advert’ feature, you can favourite not only your best adverts, but your favourite version of the advert output too.

You can learn all about favouriting adverts here.

Shared Adverts

The ‘Shared Adverts’ tab holds all of the adverts that other users have shared directly with you.

These users could be from different teams, so you wouldn’t be able to access their adverts otherwise (unless you have admin access).

The bracket beside the tab denotes how many adverts you have stored in that tab.

All Adverts

‘All Adverts’ is exactly what it says on the tin.

It’s a record of every advert that’s currently being edited or has been created across the company.

However, only admin users will be able to see this tab.

It’s a good way to track everything in one place!