Creating your first advert

Writing the perfect job advert is really difficult.

It’s even more difficult when you’re writing to lots of potential different audiences, with different needs and desires.

When we built AdBuilder, we identified three core groups of people that look for jobs online:

– Skilled people, or people with some work experience
– Unskilled people, or people with no work experience
– Graduates – zero work experience but intellectually proven

The kind of job advert you need to create varies depending on who your ultimate target recipient is.

The content needs to be different, and the detail required is different too.

So we built three types of job advert in AdBuilder.

When you click on the ‘Create a new advert’ button from the dashboard you’ll be presented with a pop-up which asks what kind of job you’re recruiting for.

You select the one you need, and AdBuilder does the rest.

The questions you’ll need to answer vary according to the type of role you’re recruiting for, and consequently the advert variations AdBuilder creates is different, deliberately tailored and designed to appeal to that core group.

But it’s all done without compromising on the format and quality required to get your advert ranking highly, and getting readers clambering for the apply button.

Give it a go now and build some different adverts across the groups and see how they differ.