Different question types in AdBuilder

In AdBuilder there are three main types of questions you’ll need to answer:

– Free text questions
– Collector questions
– Drop down questions

Free text questions

These type of questions will allow you to type pretty much whatever you want when answering.

Some questions will have some text already pre-written in the answer to help shape your answer in a way that will work best on AdBuilder.

And some will require you to answer a question starting with a certain word.

But ultimately what you write in these boxes is up to you.

The adverts you create are only going to ever be as good as the information you put in, so when answering a free text question, bear in mind that whatever you’re writing will appear in your advert.

So check for spelling and grammar, and make sure that the answer you give answers the question that was asked.

Collector questions

These are questions where you can give multiple individual answers.

They’re best identified when you see a blue transparent button below the answer, which will normally ask you to add a new response.

And if you add too many answer boxes, don’t worry – you can either remove any unwanted ones using the red cross at the side of the answers, or leave them blank and AdBuilder will ignore them.

Where you see questions like this, it’s important to use a new answer box for each new answer, as AdBuilder will take the information and build that relevant bit of the advert out correctly with the correct punctuation and grammar.

Again, some collector questions will already have leading text to help you structure your answer in the right way.

All you have to do is not think about it too much and answer the question as naturally as possible.

Drop-down questions

Really self-explanatory, just select the relevant option from the drop down list that presents itself and AdBuilder will do the rest.

Other bits to note

AdBuilder will only produce adverts that are as good as the information you input.

So, if you’re directed to describe your ideal candidate for example, try to avoid two or three word answers as that could impact the quality of your advert.

On the flip side, try not to over-think where your answers you might appear in a job advert, which if you’re an experienced job advert writer you might find yourself doing.

Just answer the questions in front of you as naturally as you possibly can, and AdBuilder will take care of the rest.