Editing your advert and getting it online

Once you’ve answered all of the questions, you’re presented with four versions of your advert.

Each version is presented in a separate tab in the editing window.

Here you can tweak and edit your chosen version to ensure that you remove any typos and that the advert reads well.

Every tweak you make is automatically saved as you go along.

If you need to undo an amendment, click the undo button. Or if you want to start again, navigate back to one of the question pages by clicking on the relevant tab, and click the

Save and go to advert →

button at the bottom of the screen, and a new advert will be generated with your existing answers.

Bear in mind this will overwrite any previous amends that you’ve made. You’ll see a warning screen like the one below just to make sure it’s an action you want to take:

It’s basically like starting again. But it’s a good back-up option should your amends not read right.

Publishing your advert

Once you’re happy with your chosen advert, all that’s left to do is to get it online.

To make life as simple as possible, when you’re good to go, navigate to your chosen advert version and hit the

Copy to Clipboard

button. Then head to your chosen job board and paste the advert into there.

From start to writing your advert through to publishing it online shouldn’t take you any longer than 15 mins.