Getting your answers suggested for you

AdBuilder is all about making it easy to quick to build incredible job adverts.

With every project meeting we had during the build, the motivation was to search for – and include – features which we would want to use when creating a job advert from scratch.

Which is why we enabled suggested answers.

The premise is simple:

AdBuilder remembers your answers to previous questions.

It even remembers your team members’ answers too.

Then as you start typing, AdBuilder recognises the text you’re using and starts to suggest answers that could match in a drop down list.

It works in a really similar way to Google when you’re conducting a search.

As you type, you’ll see the list narrowing down – and when you see an answer that you want to use, you just select it from the list.

It’s a brilliant feature that gets better the more you use AdBuilder, and the more answers it learns from you and your team.

And it helps to massively reduce the amount of time you spend creating your job adverts.