Sharing your best adverts

AdBuilder allows you to directly share one of your adverts with anybody in your company or team with an AdBuilder licence.

When you do, the recipient receives an email with a direct link to the shared advert in, and a new tab appears in their dashboard with all their shared adverts in.

Which in turn saves them time in trawling through the ‘Team Adverts’ tab trying to locate your advert.

Sharing one of your adverts is really easy. Here’s how to do it:

1. Locate the advert you want to share in your dashboard, and click on the drop down icon next to the edit button.

2. Hit the Share button.

3. A new window will appear with all of the people you can share your advert with (these are all the people with AdBuilder licences in your business, not just your team).

4. Select the recipient(s) (can be more than one) who you want to share the advert with.

5. They will receive an email telling them that an advert has been shared with them, with a direct link taking them straight to it.

6. Their shared advert will be in their Shared Adverts tab in their dashboard. The number in the tab tells you how many shared adverts you have. If ‘Shared Adverts’ is in bold with a bell icon next to it, that means you have new shared adverts to work on.

At that point, the user can just start working on the shared advert.

When they do, AdBuilder creates a cloned version of the original advert so that the user’s new advert appears in their ‘My Adverts’ tab, leaving the shared advert in the ‘Shared Adverts’ tab and not over-writing the original author’s advert.

It’s a particularly effective inter-team feature, especially if someone is working on a new role that you’ve previously worked on, and you have a custom built advert good to go.

All they would then need to do in that instance is to edit the job details so that it accurately reflects location and package, and amend the details on the company, and it’s good to go.