View and use your colleagues’ best adverts

In AdBuilder users can be grouped into teams.

The objective is to help achieve unparalleled levels of productivity and efficiency by allowing users to collaborate with their advert writing.

One of the biggest benefits of this structure means that as you answer questions in AdBuilder, answers from other users in your team will be suggested for you.

The secondary benefit is that you’re able to view every advert generated by a team member and use it for yourself.

So if you’ve got a teammate who’s previously worked on a role similar to one you’re working on now, you can use their advert as the basis for yours.

Doing this is really easy.

1. From the dashboard, navigate to the ‘Team Adverts’ tab.

2. From there navigate to the job you want to work with. You can do this by filtering the table on Builder, tag, date, location, company name (for recruitment agencies) and even job title.

3. Click on the job title to open that advert in quick view mode.

4. When you’re happy with your selection, click on the

Edit Advert

button. This will open a new version of the advert ready for you to edit.

5. Change the relevant job details, package details and company information and click on

Save and go to advert →

6. That generates a brand new version of the original advert that sits on your ‘My Adverts’ tab without altering the original.

This is a really useful feature particularly for bigger teams where there might be a large variety of roles worked on.

But equally this helps smaller teams ramp up efficiency and productivity to new heights.