Advert Versions

The magic of AdBuilder itself.

In much less time than it’d take you to write on advert, we’ll give you four.

These variations consist of a:

  • Formal advert
  • Edgy advert
  • Informal advert
  • Simple advert

We’ve found that different versions work well in different industries.

For example, one of our best clients often use version four, the simple advert.

This is because he works in a very matter of fact industry, whose audience likes to keep things professional and to the point.

However, we’ve found that in Marketing and Sales version two outperformed the rest.

This likely being because it resonates with the personality companies are looking for in this industry.

The best advice we can give, though, is to try them all.

Give all of the versions a read (every time you create a new advert) and decide which reads best. Plus, which you think would perform best in your industry.

You might find different results to us, but it’s what works best for you that’s important.