The Important Buttons

In the editor you’ll find three buttons and a switch just underneath it.

Each of these have different actions:

You can learn more about these buttons below.

Copy to clipboard

Copy to Clipboard

This will copy all of your advert text so that it will retain its formatting wherever you post it.

Just click this button then right click + paste or Ctrl+ v to paste it wherever it’s going.

Save amendments

Save Amendments

This will save your advert copy with any changes you’ve made within it.

You can come and go from the advert as much as you’d like and the changes will remain until you change them again.

Create a new advert button

Create a New Advert+

This will open up a fresh AdBuilder sheet to create a brand new advert.

Auto-save switch


When this is on, any changes made within the text editor will be saved automatically.

You can tell if it has successfully saved by the text in the bottom left corner of the editor.

It should say ‘Saved’.

You can also favourite your best advert variation through the editor.

To find out how more about favouriting adverts, click here.