Individual Advert Options

You might also like to know what extra actions you can perform on individual adverts.

To the right of every completed advert will be a green button that says “Edit” with a downward facing chevron to the right.

This chevron has all of the ‘actions’ you can take on an advert such as:

Quick View

This will open the quick view pane which has all four variations of your advert in.

You can copy the advert from here, view each variation or you can click ‘edit advert’

Edit Advert

which will open up the AdBuilder.

Duplicate Advert

This will make a direct copy of the advert and open the copy directly in the ABuilder view.

This will automatically become a finished advert, but changes can be made in the same way as you’d edit any other advert.

Learn more about duplicating adverts here.

Delete Advert

This will trigger a pop up notification asking if you’d like to delete your advert.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Share Advert

This will trigger a pop up window that will enable you to share an advert with anyone that has an AdBuilder account within your business.