Sharing Adverts

Sometimes you might want to share an advert with another user who isn’t on your team.

This means that you need to physically “share” the advert.

To do this, go to the drop down menu that’s on the right of the advert record on your dashboard.

On the drop down menu that appears, select “Share Advert”.

This will bring up a pop up which will ask you who you want to share the advert with, and a list of users.

You can either type the email address or name of the user you’d like to share the advert with into the search bar on the pop up or you can scroll through the list provided and select their email from there.

Please Note: The person MUST have an AdBuilder account registered with your business in order for you to share an advert with them.

Once you have chosen who you want to share your advert with, click the green button that says ‘Share with [number] user[s]’.

Share with 1 user

A green slide-in pop-up will appear in the top right of your screen confirming that your advert has been shared, or otherwise a red pop-up informing you that the share was unsuccessful*.

*Should you see this notification, try again. If the problem persists, please contact our support team.

As the sharing user, you won’t see anything further.

None of your adverts will be affected. 

Shared Adverts – The Receiving User

If a user has shared an advert with you, a tab should appear in your dashboard called ‘Shared Adverts’, plus a number in brackets which tells you how many shared adverts you have.

You may have a newly shared advert, in which case the bell symbol will display to the top right of ‘Shared Adverts’.

All of the adverts that are displayed in the ‘Shared Adverts’ tab are not linked to the original advert that was shared, though they are complete adverts.

This means that you can edit the shared advert as you wish and the changes will only be made on your version of the ad, not on the sharer’s advert.

You may notice that if you try to click into the advert the ‘Quick View’ pane will display the completed advert.

You can edit the advert via a number of options. Click here to find out more about editing an advert.

Please Note: It is not currently possible to work cooperatively on a job advert.