Adding/removing users on a team

To add users to a ‘Team’, head back to the ‘User List’ tab of the ‘Settings’ page.

Click on the ‘Edit’ button next to the user that you want to add to the team.

Their user profile will open and a field called ‘Team’ will display at the bottom of the window. Click on the drop down menu and select the team that you’d like to assign them to.

Once you’re done, click ‘Save Amendments’

Save Amendments

and navigate back to the ‘Teams’ tab.

Click on the ‘Team’ you’ve just assigned the ‘User’ to, and you’ll now see that user in the team list.

The user will now be able to see their teammates’ adverts via the ‘Team Adverts’ tab on their AdBuilder dashboard.

Removing a ‘User’ from a ‘Team’

To remove a ‘User’ from a ‘Team’, the process is exactly the same:

Edit the user profile, and change the team to which they’re assigned.

All of their old adverts will remain within their old team, but any new adverts they create will be assigned to their new team.

Please Note: A user must be assigned to a team at all times. It’s not possible to have them unassigned.

In the situation that you no longer want them on a specific team, create a team just for them and assign them to that. This way they’ll only be able to see their own adverts.