Managing teams

There may be a time when you need to move someone from one team to another.

To see who’s on a certain team, head to the ‘Teams’ tab on the ‘Settings’ page.

You’ll see a list of the teams that you’ve created, as well as the users within those teams.

Reassigning a ‘User’ to a different team

Once you’ve decided who you want to move and which team they’re on, head to ‘User List’ on the ‘Settings’ page and find the user that you want to move.

Click the ‘Edit’ button next to them.

On the window that appears, click on the ‘Team’ dropdown and select the team that you want them to move to.

Once you’ve made your selection, click the ‘Save Amendments’ button.

Save Amendments

Doing this will take them from their original team and place them into the new one.

All of their current adverts will remain as they are in the original team’s view, and any new adverts they create will appear in their new team.

The adverts they created will still always show in the ‘My Adverts’ tab on their account.

Renaming a team

You can rename your team at any point.

To do this, head to the ‘Teams’ tab in the ‘Settings’ page, and click on the name of the team that you want to change.

On hover, you’ll notice a text tip that will say ‘Edit team details’, in case you ever forget!

When you’re in the team page, next to the team name is a pencil icon.

Click on that and you’re able to update your team name.