Choosing the right job title

Job titles are the single most important element of a job advert, period, and that’s for two main reasons:

1. They are the most important element and carry the most weighting in the job boards’ eyes

2. They’re the first thing that your prospective hire sees when they’re searching for jobs.

The candidate application process:

Candidate enters their search criteria on job board (job title & location)
A list of relevant jobs is presented to them
The candidate opens and applies to the most relevant jobs

But, probably most importantly, getting the job title right can make the difference between getting your advert even found in the first place, let alone clicked on and applied to.

How a job board views a job title.

There are several elements to any job advert.

But none are more important, in the job board’s eyes, than the job title field itself.

It’s the biggest indicator of relevance to someone’s search, and carries the biggest weighting in their algorithms when deciding how to rank jobs in any user’s search.

Consequently it’s vitally important to get it right.

And by getting it right, we mean getting it spot on.

Job board advertising is competitive and potentially very expensive, and everyone is vying for the best people out there to find their ads, click on it and apply to them.

The job title is the first step to achieving that.

How you get it right requires some clear and logical thinking which we’ll cover in the next section…

Pick a job title that’s going to get searched

Pick a job title that’s going to get searched

This is the key to getting it right.

A lot of companies will have their own internal job titles that they get really hung up on, and tend to use in their job adverts.

The problem is that outside of your business, they mean nothing to anybody.

The sole objective for any job advert is to generate applications for a vacancy.

It’s that simple.

But to that, you need to get your advert found.

So whilst ‘Transaction Services Assistant’ might be the formal job title that will appear on the job description and the employment contract, it’s not going to be a job title that’s going to get searched.

In this instance, the job was effectively an ‘Accounts Assistant’.

So use that as the job title for you advert.

Dumb the job title down to the lowest common denominator that will get the most people looking for it.

A great way to check how popular your job title is is to look on a few job boards and do a search of the title you intend to use.

If it doesn’t show, it’s safe to say that yours isn’t a popular one and the chances of it getting found are slim.

If you see a lot of them, then you know you’re onto a winner.

Yes it means more competition for your ad, but the goal at this stage is the to get eyes on your advert.

Besides, the ad variations that AdBuilder produces for you will take care of your competition anyway.

So, the key takeaway from this article is to not only make sure that use a job title that is representative of the job you’re looking to recruit, but is also one that will be searched by your perfect target hire.

Get this right and you’re well on the way to making your recruitment advertising a big success.