How ‘Industry Sector’ impacts your advert’s performance

Not all job boards have this option, but for the ones that do, it’s really important to get this right.

To understand how this works, you need to go back a few steps:

When a job seeker applies to a job on a job board, they’re normally invited to join that particular job board’s CV database.

Assuming that they tick the box and take up that option, one of the questions they’ll be asked in the sign-up process is which ‘Industry Sector’ they consider themselves to be a part of from a drop-down list.

Fast forward now to you uploading your advert to that same job board.

You may well be asked to select the ‘Industry Sector’.

It’s that same ‘industry sector’ option of an advert helps the job board to accurately select which segment of their database to send your job to through it’s jobs-by-email service.

It’s normally a free add-on service, and can seriously boost the number of responses you receive.

Basically the job board will aggregate all new relevant jobs onto a daily newsletter email and send them to the relevant segment.

Engagement levels with these emails are high, probably because they’re coming directly from the job board itself.

Jobsite claim that applications from their jobs-by-email service account for 50% of the total number of applications on their site.

So getting it right is really important, and a very easy way for you to generate some additional, relevant applications.

‘Industry sector’ vs ‘function’

Now, the only fly in the ointment is that job boards often confuse ‘sector’ with ‘function’.

So, for instance, you’ll see ‘Automotive’ in their options, along with ‘Sales’.

But obviously sales isn’t really a sector.

Plus, every job board does it slightly differently, so if you’re posting to multiple job boards, bear this in mind.

The key thing to consider here is who your ideal candidate is and, if they were registering themselves on the job boards’ CV database, how they would describe their ‘sector.’

Work backwards, think like a jobseeker would and use that as your answer to this field when publishing your advert.

Getting it right increases relevance and means that your job will be sent to a hyper-specific segment of the job boards’ database, and will hopefully drive lots of brilliant applications.