Be specific with the location

The location option is pretty straightforward, unless you’ve got a field-based role.

Simply put the location – either a postcode/zipcode or town/city – into the box and move to the next step.

If possible, use the precise postcode/zipcode as this is used for ‘travel time’ features on some job boards and will help your advert to rank higher. say that using a specific location on your adverts means that they will receive 12x the number of views and 10x the number of applications versus ads with broad locations.

The reason for this is relevance.

Job seekers like certainty and familiarity.

For field-based roles the best advice is to think where your ideal hire would be located and to use that location for your advert.

When you do this, just think about how someone might search for a job on a job board.

[This ‘thinking-backwards’ approach will really help how you build out the advert across the job board]

The more relevant and targeted you can be, the better.

For example, there are few people that actually search by county when looking for jobs.

They’re normally very specific on a location +/- a number of km/miles radius.

So, whilst it’s still an option to advertise your role as being in ‘Staffordshire’, particularly for a field based role, the advert will be less relevant to someone searching for jobs in ‘Lichfield’ for example, and because it’s less relevant, it will appear further down the search results.

On some job boards you’re even allowed to post at a country level.

‘UK-wide’ is an option, for example.

In theory, if you picked UK-Wide then your job should appear in everybody’s search, but in practice, because it’s less relevant, it will appear lower down the search list and consequently you’ll do well to get any applications if you use this option.

The more specific you are, the better.