Why you should always include a salary

This might sound obvious, but few people outside of the recruitment industry understand the impact that having a salary on (or off) a job advert can have on their application rate.

Outwardly, if you’ve ever searched on a job board, you might not think that salary is hugely important.

That’s because by default, when someone arrives at a job board, they’re only asked to input their desired job title and location to allow them to conduct a search.

However, almost everyone will know how much money they’re looking for in their next job, and most will refine their search further by salary to make the results more relevant for them.

So leaving this field blank (which you can do on some job boards), or using ‘Competitive Salary’ is really going to harm your chance of success.

Think it through:

Assuming that someone finds your job and clicks on it, what are the chances of them sending their CV when they don’t even know what the salary is?

Would you?

Some people will, but many won’t.

So the best way to eliminate this problem before it becomes one, is to include a salary, or salary range, on the advert.

A lot of companies are nervous about putting salaries on their adverts in case a current role incumbent sees it and realises they’re getting paid less than the new role is paying.

That’s totally understandable.

However, the cold hard fact is that you will negatively (and significantly) impact your expected response rates if you fail to include a salary on your advert.

The evidence to back this up is truly overwhelming:

According to Jobsite, if you don’t include a salary in your job advert, you will reduce the number of applications you receive by up to 40.48% on average.

Reed.co.uk tell us that if you include a salary on your adverts you’ll receive 3x as many applications than adverts with a hidden salary or ‘negotiable/competitive’ salary.

So by not including a salary you’re really hurting your chances of finding the perfect person.

One way to get around the staffing issue if you’re particularly nervous of posting a salary, is to ‘anonymise’ the advert as much as you can.

This is really difficult if you’re posting jobs directly to your own company account on job boards.

However, there are third party advertising solutions available who can do that for you, taking that stress away.

So the key takeaway is to make sure that you include a salary on every job advert.




It’s one of the simplest fixes and yields one of the biggest returns when you’re posting job adverts online.

It proves transparency, inspires trust, and sets expectations for the candidate.

Longer term, it also helps you in the interview process as you’ve set the framework for the salary you’re looking to pay before anybody applies.

In turn, this lessens the chance of a negotiation on salary when you offer the perfect person the job.