Creating a job description that’s tailor-written for your audience

Ok, so out of everything you’ll do in creating an online job advert, this is probably the most important section to get right, so pay close attention.

It’s important for two main reasons:

• Firstly, a well-written, coherent advert that reads well will always perform better than a badly written one

• And secondly, it’s a brilliant optimisation opportunity to boost your advert’s ranking and generate applications

Over the course of the next two pages I’m going to break down the various components, how they fit together and how you should write the job description part of your ad.

Writing for your audience

It’s really important to remember that your job advert is exactly that:

An advert, designed to generate relevant applications from which you can eventually hire the perfect recruit.

If you were going to launch a marketing campaign with some advertising, you’d take time to ensure that the advert copy hit all the relevant points and drove home the call to action that you desired.

You’d write for your audience, in a tone and language that is most likely to appeal and speak to your ideal customer.

You need to take that exact same approach when advertising a job.

We’ve already touched on the importance of relevance and personalisation in your job ads – well this is why that is so important.

Talking to the reader puts you at a massive advantage over a lot of other, ordinary job board advertisers.

And that’s because they believe that copying and pasting an internal job specification (full of bullet points, desirable and essential skills, and devoid of any personality or human touch) will suffice.

It won’t and it doesn’t.

Now consider this versus a carefully crafted piece of content.

One that’s deliberately designed to speak to your target audience, addressing their issues and pain points that they might be feeling, getting them to ‘nod along’ as they’re reading the advert.

That’s the kind of advert you need to create.

I’m not going to lie – creating an advert like that takes thought, time and effort, which is why a lot of people resort to the ‘copy and paste’ approach.

But it’s worth it because you’ll see a far greater number of applications and a vast improvement in the quality of them too.