User types

You have different levels of users based upon their position on AdBuilder.

  • Admin: Top level user who has access to all billing information, settings and can manage anything across the whole platform.
  • Team Manager: A user who can manage users below them, e.g. edit their information, invite users, manage user advertisements but is unable to control billing information or change the plan the company is on.
  • User: A general user of AdBuilder who’s access level just allows them to create, edit and share their adverts.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pick and choose as you wish! But just be aware of who can access what with their user level.

We’d suggest:

  • Admin: A trusted decision maker
  • Team Manager: Someone who heads up a team currently within the business
  • User: Anyone that needs to be able to create adverts.

But it’s completely up to you.